Before you put pen to paper

Thinking of writing your memoir is one thing. The actual process of putting words on a blank page is quite another.

Writing a memoir is more than just telling your own story. You have to think about why you want to tell that story. And why would anyone want to read it?  Well, even if you didn’t care whether anyone read it or not, you would still want that writing to flow, to capture your feelings, your insights and what you got out of life.

Some writers like freeform writing. Which is writing when you are in the flow. This is a great method for getting your words down on paper as the thoughts hit you. You can revise later. When you write in the flow, you are giving into your raw emotions, you are going back and reliving that life. Some wonderful work can come out this.

Then there are others that like to plot and plan. They like to structure their plot, make a list of the main characters they are going to include, create a chapter outline and strategise every plotline that will take place. Again, that’s a good way to go too, because you know where you are going and how.

As you start the act of putting words on paper, you will realise that you need to be a mix of both, the plotter and the pantser. One can’t happen without the other. It’s just a matter of which one you prefer to do first.

So just go ahead and get started. But before you do, just click on the download resource I’ve put together for you. These ten things will be the most critical ten things you will need before you put pen to paper.